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All types of dyneema® are available at Ino-Rope

Need Dyneema®?

Pure Dyneema ® cores, sized to make everything on board from lashing to standing rigging:

Short Dyneema ® braiding pitch to fix your blocks and cable, medium Dyneema ® braiding pitch to make your loops and textile shackles, and finally, long Dyneema ® braiding pitch to make straps that will no longer slip out of place!
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This Dyneema® single braid is stiff and exhibits a high diameter/breaking strength ratio to replace all your stainless steel wires:

Dyneema® STS is stronger than stainless steel for the same diameter! A strong heat pre-stretch treatment results in exceptional mechanical properties! You can use the same diameter as your steel wires: you will benefit in safety and weight.
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Dyneema® extra cover protects your ropes from chafing:

Halyards and sheets suffer in their contact areas with deck hardware parts such as stanchions, sheaves, anti-slip deck covering, etc.. Use a Dyneema® chafe sleeve to preserve your running rigging: The ropes will not suffer from chafing and abrasion, will run well and their lifespan will be extended. Nevertheless, make sure not to place a Dyneema sleeve on a rope section subject to be held in clutches. The rope holding may be affected. For a strong rope holding in clutches, choose a Technora-Polyester extra cover which will give excellent results.
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Dyneema® cover to make your lifelines yourself:

Making your own lifelines is so easy with a Dyneema® cover! Let’s show you how !
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Some Dyneema® soft shackles:

Ino-Rope offers two types of soft shackles: The “Eco” model made with a Dyneema® core at an attractive price and an indestructible model made with a Dyneema cover®, more durable and secured with an “eye and snag” system.
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Dyneema® loops:

We provide a wide choice of loops with a Dyneema® core to attach anything to a padeye using a lark-head knot, or a Dyneema® core + cover model to extend the lifespan and take high loads; like for standing rigging applications.
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A question? Read our practical page dedicated to fibres!

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