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What is the specificity of Ino-Block blocks? What are their uses? How do you choose the right model? Do they need maintenance? The Ino-Rope team who designed them, answers your questions!

Textile axle blocks: unique technology

The specificity of Ino-Blocks is that they have a Dyneema® textile pin, a fibre that is eight times lighter than a stainless steel cable of the same resistance. Other than the sheave that is made of high quality anodised aluminium, there are no metal parts (the cheek plates are made of plastic). The IB 3.6 thus weighs less than 50 g for a breaking load of 3.6 tons! Additionally, Dyneema® is very slippery, so the friction between the textile axle and the sheave is minimal: Light weight, resistance and efficiency are the secret of Ino-Blocks !

Ino-Blocks use the TAT patented technology (Textile Axle Technology), the result of two years of research and development.


How to choose the right Ino-Block model

Thanks to their very high resistance, Ino-Blocks are compatible with all applications found on board a sailing boat, within their working load capacity, of course. Are you hesitating between two models because you do not know the block’s working load capacity? Ino-Rope makes it easier with this table that indicates which model of the Ino-Block range to choose from, according to the use of the block, depending on the programme (“racing-cruising” or “performance”) and, on the size of the sailing boat.

The IB 2.4 and 3.6 sheaves can take ropes of up to 11 and 10 mm diameter, which is equivalent to a resistance of over 10 t!
  Racing-cruising Performance
  6 à 9 m 9 à 12 m 12 à 15 m Mini 6.50 Diam 24 GC32 Class 40
Reeved halyard IB 2.4 IB 2.4 IB 3.6 IB 2.4 IB 3.6 IB 3.6 IB 3.6
Backstays IB 2.4 IB 3.6 IB 3.6 / 9 IB 2.4 / 3.6     IB 3.6 / 9
Block and tackle for backstay IB 2.4 IB 3.6 IB 3.6/ 9 IB 2.4      
Mast step IB 2.4 IB 3.6 IB 3.6 IB 2.4 IB 3.6 IB 3.6 IB 3.6
foils           IB 3.6  
Keel       IB 3.6      
Mainsail sheet IB 2.4 IB 2.4 IB 3.6 IB 2.4 IB 2.4 IB 3.6 IB 2.4
Mainsail foot IB 2.4 IB 2.4 IB 3.6 IB 2.4   IB 3.6 IB 3.6
Mainsail boom vang IB 2.4 IB 2.4 IB 3.6 IB 2.4 IB 2.4   IB 3.6
Reefing lines IB 2.4 IB 2.4 IB 3.6 IB 2.4   IB 3.6 IB 3.6
Solent 3D system IB 2.4 IB 2.4 IB 2.4 IB 2.4   IB 2.4 IB 2.4
Spinnaker tack IB 2.4 IB 2.4 IB 3.6 IB 2.4   IB 3.6 IB 3.6
Spinnaker sheet IB 2.4 IB 2.4 IB 3.6 IB 2.4 IB 2.4 IB 3.6 IB 3.6
Barbers IB 2.4 IB 2.4 IB 2.4 IB 2.4   IB 2.4 IB 2.4

Ino-Blocks: specially adapted to high loads

When they are subjected to high loads Ino-Blocks reach their best potential. The higher the tension, the more the textile axle “slides on the aluminium sheave” and the less friction there is. Ranking results: Ino-Blocks’ performance is 5 to 10% superior than ball bearing blocks’. They are also ten times more efficient than a friction ring! Thanks to their high resistance and their minimal friction, our blocks are, therefore, ideal on the mast step and for all block and tackle and cascade systems.

Ino-Blocks have a level 3 safety coefficient: robust!


Materials made to last

Besides substantial weight-saving, the benefits of plastic compared to metal is triple. Unlike conventional blocks with a pin and metal parts, Ino-Blocks are not corrosion sensitive. Their lifespan will be even longer if you rinse them with fresh water after each sailing trip. This maintenance is hardly a constraint in comparison with that of ball bearing blocks! Finally, the plastic cheeks protect the deck from impacts.

A textile axle is more reliable than a metal one because there is no risk of corrosion.


Custom “blocks”: choose your colours !

The most “exciting” for the end: Ino-Blocks are customisable. For instance, it is possible to match a set of blocks with the spinnaker sheets (red on the port side and a green starboard) or mast step blocks with cheek plates of the same colour as the rope which passes through them. Choose the colours you want upon ordering !