Ino-Snatch Block 1.2


Unrivalled lightness and high breaking load, easy to open and no risk of corrosion: our snatch block is the ideal solution for your barbers, in-haulers or as a spare block on your sailing boat.

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The ideal snatch block

In effect, your running rigging will be simplified. The Ino-Snatch-Block, is one of the first snatch blocks designed with a patented concept: without ball bearings, its technology has been simplified to the utmost, in order to limit risks of corrosion while providing high resistance. Highly robust, this snatch block is easy to fit on a rope and its locking system avoids all risks of uncontrolled opening under load. The Dyneema® connector (textile shackle) can be attached to a fixed point or a line. Its opening system enables the block to be manipulated with only one hand, as its “click” when closing is audible. Ino-Rope tip: a Dyneema® loop has been added so as not to lose it when it is open!


Charge de travailCharge de ruptureLongueurLargeurHauteurPoidsDiamètre de cordage Max
400 kg1 200 kg34 mm32 mm45 mm19 g10 mm

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