Antal- multi-ring organiser

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The multi-ring organiser can hold 3 to 6 ropes. The low friction PTFE coated (Telon®) multi organiser increases performance by limiting friction and providing a longer lifespan for your ropes with less chafing.

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The deck organiser optimises the passages of your control lines on deck. The Antal multi organiser is supplied without screws.

Photo spec multi-ring organiser

RéfAnneauxø (mm)L (mm)D (mm)Hauteur (mm)Charge de travail (kg)Poids (g)Vis
n X ø mm
R2.14214731829800502 X 6
R3.14314882429.51500982 X 8
R4.144141162429.515001322 X 8
R5.145141442429.515001652 X 8
R6.146141722429.522501963 X 8


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R3.14, R4.14, R5.14, R6.14