Clearance 55mm Carbon Ino Padeye to stick-on



Quick and easy to install, it is the perfect padeye for hanging or fixing all your equipment on board. Ultra-light, no drilling required.

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CLEARANCE PADEYE The strict quality control process implemented by Ino-Rope for the manufacturing of stick-on padeyes enables us to reject all products with defects in terms of aspect, marking or gluing. As these products are suitable for less challenging applications (35kg max. working load for a 35mm model and 75kg max. for a 55mm model), we are pleased to offer them at a discounted price. Limited stock available.

The 35 mm round stick-on Ino-Padeye is the most simple solution on the market for applications under low loads, on or below deck.
Easy and quick installation, your 35mm round padeye. This textile padeye is ideal for hanging or fixing your equipment on or below deck. Also, its bonding surface is sufficient for lines on deck controlled by hand rather than with a winch.Characteristics:
Construction: carbon fibre
Diameter: 35 mm
Made in France

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Weight 10 g

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