Twinline Ropeye Padeye


Picto dyneemaAn open pad-eye which allows you to adjust the hooking distance of your blocks and to select the friction ring that suits your needs best. To lash or splice.

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Sold without insert or block… Think about ordering a Ropeye TDP insert!

Installing a Ropeye padeye


1. Drill a hole through the deck
2. Use a box cutter to remove the excess TDP length according to the thickness of your deck, coat it with Sikaflex
3. Push the TDP through the hole in the deck, let dry before installing your Padeye or Ropeye lashing.
4. Coat the Ropeye pad with silicon or Sikaflex and insert it from inside the cabin.
5. Put the Padeye or the lashing under tension from the outside
6. Your Padeye or lashing is ready for use!

Additional information

Weight N/A
Breaking load

1.9 tons (4mm), 2.9 tons (5mm), 3.9 tons (6mm)