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High-resistance textile shackle – I-Connect Strop

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Made of Dyneema, the Ino-Connect textile connector range covers most common applications and adapts to the needs and budget of the end user.
Up to 10 times lighter than steel versions, our textile connectors are also less aggressive, less noisy and more resistant to harsh environmental conditions,
corrosion or chemical exposure.


A highly resistant textile connector: The I-Connect Strop is an ultra-light and safe Dyneema connector system for high loads. Select your product according to its breaking load.Please note: Loads listed below are appropriate for use doubled up (see specifications table).



Safe and easy to install, the I-Connect Strop can bear high loads.It connects releasable stay cables or spinnaker blocks.

Manufactured in our workshop in Concarneau, the Iconnect Strop is a heat pre-stretched Dyneema SK99 loop covered with a protective Dyneema SK78 sleeve and a Dogbone closing system.

Colour may differ slightly from one I-Connect Strop to another, depending on the shade of grey of the sizing bath.The Ino-Block 15 models shown on the picture are sold separately.Are you lost among all our textile connectors?  Follow the guide!

TypeWorking load
Simple (ton)
Breaking load
Simple (ton)
Working load
Basket (ton)
Breaking load
Basket (ton)
Simple lengthBasket lengthOpen length Ideal "basket mount " for IB Ideal "simple mount" for IB
I-connect Strop 4-150244815060350IB 4/7.2
I-connect Strop 6-2003661220080450IB 9/12
I-connect Strop 8-2002.4881620080450IB 5.4/7.2
I-connect Strop 12-2506121224250130550IB 9/12
I-connect Strop15-2507.5151530250120700IB 27
I-connect Strop 18-3009181836300100700IB 15/18
I-connect Strop 27-35013.5272754350120800IB 27

Additional information

Weight N/A

Breaking load and open lenght

4 tons 15 cm, 6 tons 20 cm, 8 tons 20 cm, 12 tons 25 cm, 15 tons 25 cm, 18 tons 30 cm

This product should only be used for the above-mentioned uses. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
The installer and user shall be held responsible for any incorrect use.

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