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Halyard stopper, also known as soft shackles, are essential components of sailing hardware for navigating at sea. At Ino-Rope, we offer a wide selection of premium quality Dyneema® shackles, designed to meet the needs of both professional and amateur sailors.

Our Halyard stopper are made from high-quality materials such as carbon to ensure durability and resistance to the most challenging marine conditions.

At Ino-Rope, we work with the best manufacturers to offer reliable and high-performing products to our customers. Our team of sailing professionals is available to help you choose the most suitable products for your needs and equipment.

We understand that safety on board is an absolute priority at Ino-Rope. That’s why we are committed to providing quality products and services to ensure the safety of all sailors. Contact us today to learn more about our Halyard stopper and soft shackles, as well as our expert sailing advice.