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Never running out of ideas, our expert Julien Barnet, reveals a couple of his best tricks with humour. This splicing tutorial shows you a technique so that the whipping twine will no longer escape from the needle eye when sewing. As a bonus, a tip that shows you a great trick to thread the twine into the needle eye “easy as a pie”!

To sum up, time saving !

Rope work: expert tips

There is nothing more annoying than wasting ten minutes trying to thread the whipping twine into the eye of a needle. Do not soak the thread with spit according to old-fashioned (and rather inefficient) ancient method. So, save your saliva by adopting Julien Barnet’s foolproof technique that enables you to thread the needle “as easy as pie” and on the first try! Besides, Julien also shows you how to “lock” the twine to avoid losing it when whipping or stitching. A particularly practical tip to save time without getting stuck in the awful vicious circle :

First, I get annoyed trying to thread the twine. I sew, the twine comes out of the needle eye. Then, I get annoyed trying to thread the twine.I sew, the twine comes out of the needle eye.I get annoyed trying to thread the twine. In short, I start to shake.I get upset.I have a nervous breakdown. And I burst into tears…

In the end, I watch the Ino-Rope tutorial and see Julien Barnet. I feel better, dry my tears, blow my nose and at last manage to thread the twine. Then, I sew without losing the thread and realise that I am happy. All in all, Life is beautiful !

On video !