[BOOK] A comprehensive guidebook on modern ropework !

Many of you follow our ropework tutorials on our blog. Many of you also ask us technical questions about materials, rope structures, textile connectors, etc. Good news! All the answers to your questions can be found in the “Modern Ropework & Sailing Knots” guide, published in partnership with Voile Magazine.

The first comprehensive guidebook on modern ropework that compiles detailed step-by-step tutorials, enriched with suggestions on how to work more efficiently and avoid certain pitfalls. A comprehensive introduction gives the essential information about the different materials, rope structures, tools and vocabulary to enable you to learn by yourself.

A section of the book is also dedicated to sailing knots, some of which are used for ropework as this is the basis of all rope knowledge. Learning these is fundamental for those who go to sea: the most useful ones are explained, also in the form of tutorials, and accompanied by a summary table (knot properties and tips).

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