At Ino-Rope, we have always advocated web ethics, with respect for users, and especially regarding the data forwarded to us! That is why we entirely approve of the new regulations concerning general data protection (GDPR)! We have dealt carefully with the identification of data collected from our customers, visitors, suppliers, etc. We can now confirm that we deal with your data with the respect deserved, and that it is secured and protected. In addition, we collect the minimum data required, in order to provide you with high quality service.If you want to know which elements of your personal data we hold, nothing could be easier! contact us via the adjacent form or directly by email at: [email protected]. Our DPO (data protection officer) will forward all your private information within two months, and you will be able to request its modification or deletion.

Should you require any further information, the purpose of this page is to clarify the following points:

A. How do we collect your personal information?

B. What information do we collect?

C. How do we use the information we collect?

D. Where do we store personal data?

E. With whom do we share your information?

F. Access and update your personal data

Privacy policy

When does the privacy policy apply?

As soon as you interact with us, we collect information related to you, by phone, by email or via the website. We collect it in order to optimise your research. You will find the details below. If any points still need to be clarified, or if you require further explanations, do not hesitate to contact us.

A. How do we collect your personal information?

We collect information via various acquisition and communication channels. Here is the list of these different channels:By telephone: Numerous customers contact us by phone to ask specific questions, to place orders, or to obtain complementary information on a product, a service, product availability…

We only ask for data that is necessary in order to process your request (Name, address, email, telephone number to reach you, technical details concerning your boat or your needs). We keep track of calls made and received, via our web host subcontractor OVH, for a maximal duration of one month.Email: We also receive your requests by email, either directly at our addresses (,, or via the forms on our various platforms. As with the previous channel, we only collect information that is needed in order to deal with your request satisfactorily.Website: In order to continuously enhance your browsing experience, we use tracking tools to follow your browsing stages (pages visited, what you have clicked and researched, devices used (mobile, tablet, PC), as well as the research instigator (google research, advertisement, etc.).

Your real identity is not logged and we conduct no further action, nor any data cross-checking.Social media: We are not responsible for any information that you have shared via social networks.Subcontractors: In order to offer quality service, we subcontract certain features of the website (mainly comments, payment, hosting). We have carefully studied the contracts binding us to them, and we are able to guarantee that our solution providers respect the new regulations. To know which data our subcontractors may collect on you, do not hesitate to contact our Personal Data Officer (PDO)([email protected]).

B. What information do we collect?

The list here aims to provide the information that can be collected during our exchanges. Obviously, the amount of data collected varies depending on your requests, your orders, and on whether you are a professional person or a private customer. Here are the main categories of data that we collect directly.

Personal Data: surname, first name, postal address for invoicing and delivery; telephone number (home/mobile), email address. For businesses, we may require your company registration number (SIRET, Kbis, European intracommunity VAT number…).

Technical details related to your boat or your project: Depending on your requests, we may need to collect information on your boat, your activities, navigation zones, etc., but we do not keep any data once your request has been processed.Login data: Via IP connection tracking services (Google Analytics), we collect our users’ browsing stages, the type of browser, the size of your screen, etc.Two of our subcontractors collect your information indirectly: Feedback processed: We forward them your order details and personal data, so that they can contact you directly to collect your feedback regarding the platform and our products. In this way, you can give your feedback freely with no moderation on our behalf.

We have a 7-day moderation period concerning negative feedback, in order identify reasons for customer dissatisfaction and to provide the best possible solution to the problem.PayPlug: We have chosen to subcontract order payments on our platform to Payplug. We only forward the order identifier, your surname, first name, and your email address, or simply your mobile telephone number.

This service enables us to identify the possible reason for payment failure and to contact you in the case of repeated and unjustified failures.

C. How do we use the information we collect?

It is important to note that we have never sold and will never sell personal data without your permission!

The reason for collecting some elements of your personal data is only to provide you with the best possible service. We are fully aware of the liability that goes with it and wish to reassure you with regard to the use of this information. The two main uses of your personal data can be divided into two aspects: dealing with your requests and continuously improving our offers.

Processing of your requests / orders:In order to process your requests, we save your data in our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). This information is used to create a customer profile to match your orders. We mainly use the information to process your order, send quotations and deliver your order. This information also enables us to better understand your needs (especially concerning your boat, your activities, your navigation zone…).

We may use the personal data provided to contact you regarding your ongoing orders. We never contact our customers directly for no operational reason.Continuous improvement of our offers and services
We have trackers on our platform (administered by Google Analytics service). The purpose of this is to be able to follow our users’ browsing on our site, the most visited contents, the most popular products… This information enables us to enhance our offers, our products and our platform, in order to provide you with the best possible service.

D. Where do we store personal data?

At Ino-Rope, we are very “digitally minded”, so most of the data collected is saved in our cloud, stored in our premises or hosted on OVH’s servers. OVH is the European leader in web hosting and it guarantees us high quality and stable service. Additionally, we are particularly concerned with secure storage of this data, as well as with the maintenance of our information systems. Some information may be physically stored (on paper) while your orders are being processed, and it is then destroyed and recycled.

E. With whom do we share your information?

We need to share your personal data with some external parties in order to provide the best possible service. We only share your personal information when necessary. Please find here below explanations on why we share this informationIno-Rope staff

Our employees may need to consult your data in order to deal with your requests /orders /projects. Each employee is trained to respect the new standards and an explicit confidentiality clause is included in their contract.

In order to provide the best service possible, we work with third-party companies (IT service providers, developers, marketers). We make sure that they are also in conformity with the new regulations.

For legal reasons
In some cases, your information must to be shared with local authorities like custom services, generally because of the extra “paperwork” required, or simply to ship your order.

How do we share it
We mainly use our servers that are up to date in terms of protection and security.

What measures do we take to guarantee the safety of your data in the hands of a third party? We have contacted all the suppliers with whom we have exchanged your data, and have been able to confirm that all of them conform with the new regulations.

F. How to access and update your personal data

In the ” My account” rubric, you will find all the information that we have on you. You can either modify it directly, our contact us so that we can modify it.

Our privacy policy will probably evolve but without diminishing the care and confidentiality that your data is granted. These policy modifications can be identified due to the update date which appears at the top of this page. In case of important changes, we will contact you to inform you without delay.

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CV / job application
We keep all job applications and CV in our files during 3 years. We never share your CV without your prior consent.

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