The Ino-Rope team and its story

Starting point: Julien, the sailor-inventor, germinates the idea of the pulley in the fertile soil of his workshop… He discusses it with Thibault, skipper-webmaster-engineer, who shares his roof. The two friends started developing the idea in the evening, in parallel with their respective activities at the time. Very quickly, the potential of the concept led them to launch Ino-Rope in June 2013 and to file a patent on the textile pulley concept! At the end of 2013, another project was added to the flagship:, “the best of boating in one click”, an online shop which was launched in April 2014. The seamanship activities were integrated in early 2015 with the first hires.

2016 is a big year for Ino-Rope with the Vendée Globe. On the starting line: 4 boats completely fitted out by the company and above all 12 boats equipped with Ino-Block blocks. A big jump for the concept! At the end of the race, 100% of the pulleys were functional, opening the way for the concept in other sectors such as lifting, underwater work, handling, pruning and fishing. Since then, Ino-Rope products have been widely used on major racetracks, both in ropes and fittings, particularly with glue-on padeyes.

As industrial projects require larger infrastructures, such as the production of textile and ecological mooring lines for the Glénan islands, Ino-Rope is leaving Kairos, Roland Jourdain’s nursery where it was born. Ino-Rope moved in November 2017 to its own 1500m² premises, at the entrance to Concarneau, in the heart of Sailing Valley! Since then, the Ino-Rope team has been working day after day, splicing after splicing, to produce standardised textile solutions, adapted to your needs and at the best possible price!

Well known for its seamanship tutorials, and in the spirit of sharing, Ino-Rope took the plunge in 2020 and launched its book “Modern Seamanship and Sailor’s Knots” to help all seamen (whether they are budding or not) develop their skills.


Today a team of 13 people accompanies the activities of Ino-Rope with various trades and skills: sailor, commercial, engineer, communication, webmaster, logistics … All in the joy and good humor in the heart of the workshop Concarnois.