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  • Padeye à coller 55 mm en Carbone - Ultra léger - Boutique Ino-Rope

    Ino Padeye stick-on, 55 mm, carbon

    29,90  TTC
  • Padeye glue-on 55mm made of fibreglass - Ino-Rope Online shop

    Ino Padeye to glue, fibre glass, 55 mm

    29,90  TTC
  • Special rope scissors (Dyneema®, Kevlar®) - Ino-Rope

    Special rope scissors (Dyneema®, Kevlar®)

    27,90  TTC
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  • Photo of a short pitch Dyneema braid

    Line for lashing, abrasion resistant | Dyneema®

    A partir de 1,38 
  • Dyneema SK99 braid

    Dyneema SK99 braid

    A partir de 1,18 
  • Photo of a rope fitted with a Lancelin Black Dyneema chafe sleeve

    Dyneema® SK78 chafe sleeve – Thick – Black

    A partir de 3,65 
  • Photo of a rope with its Dyneema chafe sleeve by Lancelin

    Thick chafe sleeve (standing rigging) | Dyneema®

    A partir de 3,32 
  • Photo of a Technora chafe sleeve

    Technora chafe sleeve®

    A partir de 1,80 
  • 12-plait UHMWPE single braid - Ino-Rope online shop

    12-plait UHMWPE single braid

    A partir de 1,66 
  • Photo of a tube containing 5 sewing needles in the Ino-rope online shop

    Sewing needles for ropework, tube of 5

    15,30  TTC
  • A photo of a technora polyester sheathed rope by Lancelin

    Blended Technora® and polyester chafe sleeve

    A partir de 3,17 
  • Padeye to stick-on

    Pack of carbon round Ino Padeyes to glue

  • - 15% Photo of a two-coloured pulpit navigation light

    “TS Lite” two-coloured LED pulpit navigation light

    127,50  TTC

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