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Ready-to-use Sheet for mainsail block and tackle | Coastal Cruising

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Enjoy a 10% discount off our spliced ropes in the Coastal Cruising and Offshore Cruising range.

Our sheet for mainsail block and tackle is supple and easy to handle, it has a very good grip in clutches with great value for money.

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Ready-to-use sheet for mainsail block and tackle | Coastal Cruising

Our sheet for mainsail block and tackle is supple and easy to handle, it has a very good grip in clutches with great value for money.

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polyester rope
Oil-based fibre, polyester is characterised by its excellent value for money. Polyester has a high resistance to UVs, as well as to chafing. Its elongation (elasticity) varies from 8 to 12%, depending on the quality of the fibre.

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Coastal Cruising programme
Are you a coastal navigation enthusiast? Find what you need in our range of affordable and easy-to-install spliced ropes.

“>coastal cruising and offshore cruising. A supple and robust rope with great value for money that is perfect for most boaters.


> Ready-to-use, easy to rig thanks to its constrictor ending.
> Its double braid polyester rope is cost-saving and reliable. Perfect for cruising without compromising quality or durability.> Its polyester cover provides excellent abrasion and UV resistance.> Its eye splice provides the rope extremity with optimal resistance (a bowline knot reduces the breaking load by 50%).
> Its constrictor ending provides a neat, simple finish while preventing the rope construction from coming undone.


> Rope: polyester core. Polyester cover.
> Double braid polyester eye splice.
> Constrictor ending.Supplied with a captive textile shackle made of a Dyneema® cover or a lashing or without accessory.
Several colours available (the selected colour will be the main colour of your product)
Spliced with expert care in our Ino-Rope workshops in France.

Rope strength by diameter
The load specified is the breaking load. Consider half of the working load.


ø (mm)Charge de rupture (kg)
This product should only be used for the above-mentioned uses. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
The installer and user shall be held responsible for any incorrect use.