Captive pin shackle with bar | Wichard

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The captive pin shackle is made of stainless steel. The shackles are stamped with the diameter of the axle. The shackle is captive thanks to its bar design. They are easy to install with one hand and can be opened with an easy half-turn.The high strength shackles are made of 17-4PH forged steel that support high loads. They are stamped “HR”.


Captive pin shackle with bar | Wichard

The captive pin shackle with bar is made of “high strength HR stainless steel”. They are made in France. Size and weight are optimised.They have been tried and tested for corrosion resistance.

These shackles are ideal for halyards but are not suitable for mooring uses.Characteristics:

  • 6 mm: WL: 600 kg / BL: 2,200 kg
  • ø 8 mm: 960 kg / BL: 3,500 kg T
  • Weight: 123 g

*WL: Working load *WL: Breaking load

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