I-Bone 8+ (Dogbone) for textile connector system


A T-bone or Dogbone for your textile connectors, revisited by Ino-Rope: a robust, lightweight and safe product! Reliability and quick-installation guaranteed. The T-Bone 8+ has been eespecially designed to replace metallic snap shackles. It is fitted directly at the extremity of the splice and does not require whipping: its shape enables self-holding.

Rope Ø max: 8 mm


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I-Bone – Dogbone connector

The I-Bone or T-bone is a “dogbone” link. The I-Bone is used as a substitute for a textile shackle or a snap shackle, used to link the mainsail to the halyard. The Dogbone’s main advantage is its reliability. It can bear heavier loads than a textile shackle or a halyard shackle, and is quick and easy to fit.


Indeed, the I-Bone 8+ offers several advantages:• Robustness: The reverse geometry design of the I-Bone (thick in its middle and thin at its ends) makes it more resistant than other Dogbones on the market. Its high-grade aluminium guarantees its robustness.• Light weight: the Ino-Rope Dogbone is the lightest model on the market thanks to its specific geometry.• Robustness: thanks to its marine anti-corrosive anodised aluminium.• Safety: the Dogbone is perforated in order to be secured by a lashing.

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The I-Bone is also available in stainless steel or titanium (on request) for higher breaking loads.

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