As error is human, if you made a mistake when placing your order or if the quilted rope you bought does not correspond to your needs, don’t panic, you can send it back to us for exchange! Isn’t life great?

How does it work?

  1. Send us a return request via the contact form right here
  2. Return the product in question to the following address Ino-Rope, 24 rue Jacques Noël Sané, 29900 Concarneau, you can return a padded product up to 2 months after your order.
  3. On receipt, we will check that it is in good condition and that it has not been sailed!
  4. We will send you a discount coupon for the amount of your product (including shipping costs)
  5. Place your order again with peace of mind!

NB: please note that this service only concerns the offer of ready-to-use seawater ropes for coastal and long-distance cruising. It does not concern our cut ropes or our customised ranges for offshore racing and regattas.