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  • Selma hollow fid - Ropework - Ino-Rope online shop

    Selma hollow fid, sold by the unit

    7,90 79,00 
  • Splicing needle with long eye

    Long eye splicing needles – Special for rope work

    16,90 24,90 
  • Duo d'aiguilles à long chas

    Pair of long-eye needles

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  • long eye needle in the ropework category

    Set of 3 long eye needles

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  • Hollow splicing fids - Ropework - Ino-Rope Online shop

    Hollow splicing fids (set of 4)

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  • Paumelle de matelotage - Boutique en ligne Ino-Rope

    Smith/Son sailmaker Palm

  • Photo of a spike in the ropework category

    Splicing spike

    5,50 12,00 
  • Electrical (and ropework) adhesive tape - Ino-Rope shop

    Electrical (and ropework) adhesive tape


Sailmaker palms, spikes and fids: In our range of sailmaker palms and fids, you will find those suitable for your splicing needs.