Ino-Ending 7.2 block


Based on the Ino-Block concept, the Ino-Ending is the first block with a textile axle that can be integrated within a textile cable. Ideal for fixing your backstay or runner cascade systems. No connector needed between the block and the cable! By limiting mechanical parts that could break, the Ino-Ending enables weight reduction and increases safety.
Please contact us to find the best solution for your boat. We recommend that a professional assembles it.

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“Reducing the number of connectors on board means reducing risks of breakage”.

The structural cable is spliced directly around the spacer and inside the sheave. CAUTION: The Ino-Ending mounting requires professional splicing.Please contact us so that we can find the best installation solution for your boat.

Photo of an ino-ending block

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Weight 121 g

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