Rope to splice, SK99 Dyneema® core, SK78 Dyneema® cover

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The D99STAY is THE textile cable for runners, backstays and inner forestays. Dyneema SK78 heat-stretched coated core, Dyneema® SK78 cover providing exceptional lifespan!Construction:cover: 32-plait Dyneema® SK78 braid, ultra-resistant to abrasion/ Core: 12-plait Dyneema® SK99 coated and heat-stretched braid, for maximum resistance under load, without elongation.


The Lancelin D99Stay is simply the favourite base material for all riggers: a heat-stretched SK99 Dyneema coated core for practically no elongation, protected by a SK78 Dyneema® coated cover to protect it from abrasion.The Dyneema® D99Stay textile cable is easily spliced, ideal for backstays, runners and textile inner forestays. However, setting it up as standing rigging requires solid technical knowledge.Do not hesitate to call upon our riggers. Contact us !


  • Very low elongation
  • Very high resistance to abrasion
  • Easy to splice


  • Runners, backstays, inner forestays…

Technical specifications:

  • Core: 12-plait SK99 Dyneema® coated and heat-stretched braid
  • Cover: 32-plait Dyneema® SK78 braid


For information about Dyneema® fibre, click here to read our article on this topic!!


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