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Dyneema for all your connections on board. Short-pitch Dyneema braid, pre-stretched and coated for excellent abrasion resistance and durability. Made of Dyneema® SK78, it is the ideal braid for your lashings, strops and all applications subjected to abrasion.

Construction: 16-plait short pitch Dyneema® coated braid


Dyneema SK78 braid – Short braiding pitch

Short pitch Dyneema braid. The short braiding pitch means that plaits present less exterior surface, while protecting one another. This short braiding pitch technique causes significantly higher elongation but guarantees increased resistance to abrasion and small bending radius. The Dyneema braid will last longer and be more suitable for connector applications with lashing, loops or to make textile shackles.Coating is a treatment that increases the longevity of your Dyneema braid by making it more resistant to UVs and abrasion.

  • Lightweight rope with low elongation at break.
  • Hydrophobic, rot-proof and buoyant.
  • Good abrasion and UVs resistance.

We recommend using short pitch Dyneema SK78 braid for the tensioning systems of your textile guardrails, to fasten the sheets of your foresails or your halyards to your sails wherever there is a risk of abrasion. This type of Dyneema® braid is ideal for replacing kitesurf lines.

I would like to make textile connectors

Lashing, loops, textiles shackles… These modern connectors are so handy! Much lighter than stainless steel fittings, they are also considerate enough not to cause damage around them; when the sails flap, they shake and wave energetically. Characterised by a very low friction coefficient, Dyneema is an extremely slippery fibre and, thus highly Click here to watch our video “what is a splice on an hollow braid?”

Technical specifications:
  • 16-plait coated Dyneema® SK78 braid
  • Short or long braiding pitch
ø mmCharge de rupture (kg)

Making a textile shackle with a Dyneema braid by yourself!!

Partner rope makers: Lancelin, Teufelberger, Gleistein Ropes, Cousin Trestec

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