Thick chafe sleeve (standing rigging) | Dyneema®

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Adding a chafe sleeve increases the lifespan of your rope and protects it from wear caused by chafing. The main friction points are located on the sheaves. This Lancelin sleeve provides high-performance construction: high protection and increased lifespan of your ropes.Construction: 32-plait Dyneema®

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Dyneema® SK78 chafe sleeve – Thick – White

The Dyneema chafe sleeve is resistant to abrasion, UVs and low bending radius. So, it is perfectly suitable for protecting your halyard top-ends or your sheets against shrouds. As well as increasing your rope’s lifespan, thanks to a very low friction coefficient, it simplifies the setting of your block and tackles, and also downhaul, backstay or sail foot friction cascade systems… Dyneema is a share-which-chafe-sleeve-sail


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