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The Lancelin Albatros is a multi-purpose rope, ideal for control lines where low elongation and/or high load capacity is required (notably on flat sails, genoa, jib, mainsail). It is the multi-purpose rope for demanding sailors.Construction: Heat set and pre-stretched 12-plait coated Dyneema® SK78 core / 24-plait continuous polyester cover


All-rounder rope, Dyneema® SK78 core, Polyester cover

The rope with Dyneema core and polyester cover was designed for ultra-fine settings: thanks to its stabilised core (coated and heat-stretched) which has a very low elongation.


Easy to splice braid, particularly recommended for flat sail sheets and halyards, (genoa, jib, mainsail).

Its Polyester cover provides good resistance to chafing and UVs.

Excellent stiffness/price ratio, for intensive use.

We recommend this low elongation rope with Dyneema core and polyester cover for your halyards, sheets, topping lifts, downhauls…
Some points to guide you:
How to choose the right diameter:

First, consider diameter suitable with your clutches and cleats. Without Click here to discover our rope length calculators, tools that allow you to calculate the length and diameter of your halyards and sheets.

Diamètre øCharge de rupture (kg)Poids
5 mm1 250 kg19 g/m
6 mm2 300 kg28 g/m
8 mm3 750 kg41 g/m
10 mm6 900 kg69 g/m
12 mm9 000 kg99 g/m
14 mm12 400 kg121 g/m
16 mm15 580 kg150 g/m
Making a spliced eye on a double braided rope with a Dyneema® core

Partner rope makers: Lancelin, Teufelberger, Gleistein Ropes, Cousin Trestec

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