Multi-purpose rope, small diameter, Dyneema® SK78 core and polyester cover


A high quality Dyneema SK78 core providing stiffness and longevity with a thick Polyester cover to protect against chafing. The Corderie Lancelin Ouranos is the reference rope for small diameter control cords that require resistance and precise settings.Construction: cover: 16-plait continuous Polyester braid / Core: 16-plait Dyneema SK78 braid, for Ø 6 mm and unidirectional plaits for smaller diameters.


Technical specifications:

– The Corderie Lancelin small diameter Ouranos high-performance rope.- The Dyneema SK78 provides tensile resistance under high load and the Polyester protects the core from abrasion caused by friction in clutches.
We recommend the use of the Ouranos cord for your small diameter control cords:- Mainsail traveller car setting
– Genoa traveller setting
– 3D foresail and in-hauler setting
– Pole downhaul or topping lift
– Spi barber-hauler

Our ropewrokers’ tips: for your double braided splices, choose the Albatros which is easier to splice.

The load specified is the breaking load. Consider half of the working load.

ø (mm)Charge de rupture (kg)



Additional information

Weight N/A
Ø (mm)

4, 6, 8


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