All-rounder rope, Dyneema® and polypropylene mixed core, Polyester cover

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Ideal as a genoa or mainsail halyard to make easier tensioning of the luff and facilitates sail tuning, while easily adapting to your deck fittings conceived for Polyester. The resistant polyester cover of the Punch provides it with a long lifespan for trouble-free cruising.Construction: Dyneema® core – Polypropylene / Cover: Polyester


All-rounder double braid rope, Dyneema® and polypropylene mixed core, Polyester cover

The mixed braiding of the core combines both the resistance of Dyneema® and lightness of Polypropylene. The Dyneema® guarantees a very low elongation and the water-repellent Polypropylene avoids weight gain caused by water infiltration. The advantage of mixed braiding is that it enables you to cut costs on rope in order to benefit from good mechanical properties at an affordable price. The Polyester cover guarantees longevity to the rope and protects it from abrasion due to chafing. An ideal rope for a coastal and offshore cruising programme with great value for money.

  • Easy to splice and lightweight
  • Low elongation
  • Excellent value for money

We recommend the Dyneema and Polypropylene mixed core rope for your halyards. You can also use it for your genoa or mainsail halyards. Used as a boom downhaul control line or reefing line, it improves the precision of settings.

Technical specifications:
  • Cover: 24-plait continuous polyester braid
  • Core: 12-plait Dyneema®SK78/polypropylene braid
How to choose the right diameter:

First, consider diameter suitable with your clutches and cleats. Without a chafe sleeve, the minimum diameter that is recommended for a standard clutch may slip once the rope is under load.

We suggest that you add a Technora/Polyester type chafe sleeve at the passage point where your rope passes though clutches. It increases the grip, avoids slipping effect, increases longevity of your rope by protecting it from chafing caused by the clutch.

To estimate the approximate breaking load of your halyard (in kg):
  • Genoa surface x 80
  • Mainsail surface x 100
  • Spinnaker surface x 30
To calculate the approximate length of your halyard:
  • Genoa = mast height x 3
  • Spinnaker = mast height x 3
  • Mainsail = mast height x 2.5
Rope strength by diameter
The load specified is the breaking load. Consider half of the working load.

Click here to discover our rope calculators. These tools will allow you to calculate the length and diameter of your halyards and sheets.

ø (mm)Charge de rupture
6750 kg
82 500 kg
103 500 kg
124 990 kg



Partner rope makers: Lancelin, Teufelberger, Gleistein Ropes, Cousin Trestec

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