Textile guard rail, Dyneema® SK78 core, retro-reflective Dyneema® cover

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A top product for your textile guard rails: an SK78 Dyneema® coated heat-stretched braid, protected by a Dyneema® cover with two inserted retro-reflective twines. Visibility and robustness for your safety on board.

Construction: Dyneema® with 2 retro-reflective twines / SK78 Dyneema® heat-stretched core




Optimum resistance for minimum weight: lighter and stronger than steel, this double-braid line for textile guard rails offers an outstanding longevity!

Visible by day and unmissable by night, it constitutes a major safety asset and allows the crew to visualise their safety perimeter and avoid accidents.Moreover, foresail luff will slip better on it without getting damaged.Advantages:

  • Retro-reflective cover
  • Ultra robust
  • Allows the preservation of your headsails

Technical specifications:

  • Core: 12-plait SK78 Dyneema® coated and heat-stretched braid
  • Cover: guard rail with retro-reflective markers: 24 plait SK78 Dyneema® coated braid, with 2 retro-reflective twines


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