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Dyneema SK99 braid

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This heat-stretched Dyneema® RSK99 braid has a very low elongation. Ideal for control lines requiring high stiffness such as standing rigging (shrouds, runners, backstays) and other applications.Construction: 12-plait long pitch Dyneema® SK99 Racing braid


Dyneema SK99 braid

Coating and heat-stretch processes increase abrasion and tensile force resistance for the equivalent diameter of a non-stretched braid. It is the ideal material for control lines requiring great stiffness, standing rigging (shrouds, runners, backstays), and other textile cables.The pre-stretching technique, which occurs after braiding, removes the air from the braid, makes it more compact and stabilises its length. A braid which has not been heat set and pre-stretched will suffer from elongation after installation.

  • 12-plait long pitch Dyneema® SK99 Racing braid


The pre-stretching process:

The has superior mechanical characteristics.

It is more compact and its diameter is inferior as the air has been removed from the braid. The DiamètreCharge de rupture 2.5 mm1 025 kg 4 mm2 300 kg 5 mm3 050 kg 6 mm4 750 kg 8 mm8 750 kg 10 mm15 000 kg

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