Halyard HR snap shackle – Wichard

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halyard snap shackle Wichard :

  • Captive pin
  • Easy opening (possibility to add a lanyard)
  • Applications that do not require snap shackle rotation


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Heavy-duty forged stainless steel snap shackle The crimping of the plunger pin in the body of the snap shackle makes it captive and facilitates its opening.

Technical specifications:


Dimensions Wichard snap shackle

RéférenceLongueurCharge de travailCharge de rupturePoidsABMatériaux
247035 mm160 kg400 kg12 g8 mm6 mmInox 316L
247150 mm960 kg2 000 kg42 g16 mm10 mmInox Haute Résistance 17.4 PH
247270 mm1280 kg3 000 kg90 g21 mm13 mmInox Haute Résistance 17.4 PH

Additional information

Weight N/A

2470 mm, 2471 mm, 2472 mm

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