Textile shackle made of pre-stretched Dyneema® cover

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Ino-Rope manufactures, for you, this high quality textile shackle made with a pre-stretched Dyneema® cover. Ideal to fasten your blocks, shackles, halyards and sheets, etc. Durability, weight and reliability gain compared with stainless steel shackles or snap shackles. We use the cover instead of the core to reduce catching and wearing of fibres over time.


Textile shackle made of pre-stretched Dyneema® cover

The Ino-Rope version of the textile shackle has been tried and tested in the harshest conditions.The textile shackle is the star of modern ropework. Indeed, as it is very light and robust, it has overtaken its stainless steel cousin for fastening blocks, sheets, halyards, etc. on board sailing boats. Numerous versions are available on the market, but the Ino-Rope expertise will allow you to use this textile connector in total safety. Indeed, the fabrication process of our textile shackle provides its added value: the balancing and tightening of the diamond knot are done with precision, which is essential to guarantee the shackle’s robustness.

  • Please note that coloured textile shackles Enjoy a coating treatment. The provides better protection for the Dyneema® fibre ®.
  • The length indicated corresponds to length of the closed textile shackle (twice the length when the shackle is open), the load indicated is the breaking load).
  • The Ino-Rope textile shackles are manufactured by our expert-rigger, in our workshop.
  • Very high abrasion resistance (coated Dyneema® cover)
  • Opening trigger line and anti-loss system
  • Different lengths and colours available (black, grey, red and green)

Are you lost with all our textile connector systems? Follow the guide!

[How to make a textile shackle]


Manille textileCharge de travail / Passage SIMPLECharge de travail / Passage DOUBLECharge de rupture / Passage SIMPLECharge de rupture / Passage DOUBLELongueur manille ferméeLongueur manille ouvertePréconisée pour poulie
I-Connect 2-1001000 kg-2000 kg-100 mm200 mmIno-Block 2.4
I-Connect 2-2001000 kg2000 kg2000 kg4000 kg200 mm400 mmIno-Block 2.4
I-Connect 4.5-1002250 kg-4500 kg-100 mm200 mmIno-Block 2.4/3.6
I-Connect 4.5-2002250 kg4500 kg4500 kg9000 kg200 mm400 mmIno-Block 2.4/3.6

Additional information

Weight N/A

10 cm, 20 cm

Breaking load

2 tons, 4.5 tons


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