Dyneema ® 2-strand textile shackle – I-Connect Shackle

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Ino-Rope designed this resistant and multi-purpose textile shackle for you. This textile connector offers the best load/value for money ratio. It can be mounted from 0° to 90°, with a single or double loop. It is easy to open and long lasting thanks to its Dyneema ®cover. The best compromise to fit our blocks to the mast step and the spinnaker sheet return blocks. But it can also be suitable for other applications (medium to heavy loads).


The Ino-Rope I-Connect Shackle is a textile shackle made of high-quality Dyneema ® core.The Dyneema ® SK99 core is heat-stretched and coated for practically no elongation and maximum durability. It is protected by a coated Dyneema ® cover, which makes it highly abrasion resistant (the coating provides the Dyneema ® fibre with better protection against chafing and UVs.)
The diamond knot ending is pre-stretched at the working load, which guarantees the knot’s robustness.The length indicated corresponds to the length of the closed textile shackle (twice the length when the shackle is open). The load indicated is the breaking load.

This Ino-Rope product is hand-made by our ropeworkers, in France.Are you feeling lost amongst our textile connectors? Follow the guide!

Additional information

Weight N/A

6 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm

Breaking load (single/double)

4t/XX, 4t/8t, 6t/12t, 9t/18t

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