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Soft shackles for sailboats are very practical and highly appreciated marine fasteners for their lightweight and strength. Unlike metal shackles, soft shackles do not rust, oxidize or scratch surfaces. They are also lighter than traditional shackles, which makes them easier to handle and reduces their impact on the total weight of the vessel.

At Ino-Rope, we offer high-quality shackles to meet the needs of all types of boats and applications. They are made from high-end materials such as Dyneema® and Spectra® to ensure their strength and durability.

We offer a variety of sizes and lengths to meet the specific needs of each customer, including loop, swivel, pin and skull soft shackles, as well as the button soft shackle. All our these are easy to install and remove, making them ideal for use in emergency situations.

They are tested and approved for safe use at sea. They are also resistant to UV, chemicals and seawater, ensuring their long lifespan in the toughest conditions. We are confident that our high-quality soft shackles provide a reliable, lightweight and durable marine fastening solution to meet the needs of all boaters and professionals.

Our team of professionals is available to help you choose the shackles that best suit your needs, including soft shackles for sailboats. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and exceptional customer service. At Ino-Rope, we are proud to provide innovative and high-quality marine fastening solutions to meet the needs of our demanding clientele.