Ultra-light textile shackle – I-Connect LIGHT 0.6

2,30 2,70 

The first textile shackle cheaper than a stainless steel one!A quick and easy to handle connector system, ultra-light and made of Dyneema SK78.


The I-Connect LIGHT 0.6 connector system was conceived with the same principle as a textile shackle. It is easy to fit, quick to open and close.Ultra-light and multi-purpose, it enables mounting with 2 or 4 turns and 0° or 90° from the fixing point.I-Connect LIGHT 0.6 working load

  • Assembly with 2 turns: Working load: 300 kg (SWL)
  • Assembly with 4 turns: Working load: 600 kg (SWL)
  • Only the 100 mm length allows for a 4-turn assembly

The stainless steel shackle and theINO-BLOCK 3.6 on the photo are sold separately)

Lost among our textile connectors? Follow the guide!


Manille I-Connect Light 0.6Charge de travail / Montage 2 ToursCharge de rupture / Montage 4 ToursCharge de rupture / Montage 2 ToursCharge de rupture / Montage 4 ToursLongueur / Montage 2 toursLongueur / Montage SimpleLongueur / Manille Ouverte
I-Connect Light 0.6-30300 kg-600 kg-30 mm70 mm190 mm
I-Connect Light 0.6-50300 kg-600 kg-50 mm110 mm230 mm
I-Connect Light 0.6-100300 kg600 kg600 kg1200 kg100 mm220 mm460 mm

Additional information

Weight N/A
Length when closed (2 turns)

30 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm, 100 mm

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