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Dyneema® SK78 chafe sleeve – thin – black

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A Lancelin Black Dyneema® SK78 chafe sleeve to increase the lifespan of your ropes, all in black! To fit at the top end of the halyard and where chafing damages your ropes.Construction: 48-plait Dyneema® |Coated and black tint



Dyneema® SK78 chafe sleeve – thin – black

The 48-plait Dyneema® SK78 chafe sleeve with high expansion capacity. Ideal for making sheathed loops and strops or sheathing standing rigging elements that are not exposed to chafing, such as textile shrouds.To sheath a line exposed to chafing, we recommend using thick Dyneema chafe sleeve, ideal for masthead sheaves.Dyneema is an extremely slippery fibre that should not be used in clutches.The Lancelin Dyneema SK78 48-plait chafe sleeve is slightly thinner than the 32-plait version with higher expansion capacity.

It will enable you to make loops more easily.

How to choose the diameter of your chafe sleeve according to your rope:
  • Chafe sleeve: 06 – 10 mm for rope: 06 – 10 mm (08 mm max. if spliced)
  • Chafe sleeve: 08 – 12 mm for rope: 08 – 12 mm (10 mm max. if spliced)
  • Chafe sleeve: 10 – 14 mm for rope: 10 – 14 mm (12 mm max. if spliced)
  • Chafe sleeve: 12 – 16 mm for rope: 12 – 16 mm (14 mm max. if spliced)
  • Chafe sleeve: 16 – 20 mm for rope: 16 – 20 mm (16 mm max. if spliced)

The Lancelin Black Dyneema SK78 chafe sleeve is dyed and coated in the mass for longer lasting colour and increased salt and UV resistance.

Any questions? Check out our “Chafe sleeve” file!


Additional information

Weight N/A
Diameter (mm)

6-10, 8-12, 10-14, 12-16, 16-20, 18-24

This product should only be used for the above-mentioned uses. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
The installer and user shall be held responsible for any incorrect use.

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