All-rounder rope, SK78 Dyneema® core, Technora® – Dyneema® and Polyester cover

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Developed for Offshore Racing by Corderie Lancelin, tried and tested over the years by all the Ino-Rope racers, the Héolia rope provides high-performance for all applications where stiffness and good grip on winches and in clutches is essential.The Technora®, Dyneema® and Polyester cover resists to extreme conditions on winches, holds perfectly in clutches and does not tear over time, thanks to the precisely balanced addition of Dyneema®. Its 12-plait, long pitch SK78 Dyneema® braided and coated core, is heat-stretched for better stability under load.The Héolia rope is Ino-Rope’s splicers’ choice for all your halyards and control lines requiring high-precision during regattas and offshore racing – with no compromise.Construction: Cover: Mixed Technora®, SK78 Dyneema® and Polyester 24-plait braid /Core: 12-plait Dyneema® SK78 coated and heat-stretched braid


All-rounder rope, SK78 Dyneema® core, Technora® – Dyneema® and Polyester mixed cover

To meet the requirements of intensive and continuous use during offshore racing, Corderie Lancelin has developed a high-performance Dyneema core rope. The resistance and longevity of the modern fibres used enables the diameter to remain relatively small for control lines subjected to high tensile forces, during long racing periods.

  • Very high resistance to abrasion
  • Good grip on winches
  • High-performance rope, Dyneema core, low elongation

A technical rope ideal for regattas and offshore racing recommended for mainsheet, genoa sheet, spinnaker sheet and gennaker sheet.

Technical specifications:
  • Cover: mixed Technora®, SK78 Dyneema® and Polyester continuous 24-plait core
  • Core: 12-plait SK78 Dyneema® coated and heat-stretched braid
Core pre-stretching advantages:

During braiding, air enters between the plaits and creates spacing. Pre-stretching a braid consists in stretching the rope in order to orient fibres toward their working direction. By tightening together, the plaits expel captive air from the braid. In this way, you can obtain a denser braid that will not undergo elongation as soon as it is put under load.

How to choose the right diameter:

First, consider diameter suitable with your clutches and cleats. Without adding a chafe sleeve, the minimum diameter that is recommended for a standard clutch may slip once the rope is under load. If you choose a lower diameter, we suggest adding a Technora Polyester type chafe sleeve at the passage point where your rope passes though clutches. It increases the grip, avoids slipping effect, increases longevity of your rope by protecting it from chafing caused by the clutch.

DiamètreCharge de rupture - Âme RSK78Charge de rupture - Âme RSK99
6 mm2 300 kg3 050 kg
8 mm3 750 kg4 750 kg
10 mm6 900 kg-
12 mm9 000 kg-

Some points to guide you:

To estimate the approximate breaking load of your halyard (in kg):

  • Genoa surface x 80
  • Mainsail surface x 100
  • Spinnaker surface x 30

For the approximate length of your halyard:

  • Genoa = mast height x 3
  • Spinnaker = mast height x 3
  • Mainsail = mast height x 2.5

Click here to discover our rope calculators. These tools will allow you to calculate the length and diameter of your halyards and sheets.

Partner rope makers: Lancelin, Teufelberger, Gleistein Ropes, Cousin Trestec

Additional information

Weight N/A
Diameter (mm)

6, 8, 10, 12


RSK78, RSK99


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