Clamcleat® Aero Cleat

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Clamcleat® Aero Cleat for kitesurf :

  • CL828-68AN Micro Aero Cleat : for lines from 3 to 4 mm
  • CL826A Aero Cleat Mk2 : for lines from 4 to 6 mm


Clamcleat® Aero Cleat CL828-68AN Micro Aero Cleat and CL826A Aero Cleat Mk2

Aero Cleat models by Clamcleat® are the most renowned in the kiteboarding community.

They have been used for years on kiteboarding handles but can also be used as a blocking system for adjustable tackle on land and water.

We have 2 models on offer:
  • The”Micro Aero Cleat” CL828-68AN model,more compact and lighter for more race-oriented use (kitefoil). Suitable for 3 to 4 mm diameter lines.
  • The “Aero Cleat Mk2” CL826A model, which can be fitted to most kitesurf handles available on the market, is perfect for people who choose comfort over performance (larger trim diameter 4 to 6mm.
  • In terms of materials, the support plate is made of nylon and the cleat of anodised aluminium.


RéférenceModèleDiamètre de cordageLongueurLargeurHauteurPoids
CL828-68ANMicro Aero Cleat3 - 4 mm60 mm13 mm28 mm21 g
CL826AAero Cleat Mk24 - 6 mm73 mm16 mm38 mm36 g

Additional information

Weight N/A

Micro Aero Cleat: 3 mm, Aero Cleat Mk2 : 4 mm

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