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A Tylaska T-bone or dog bone for your textile connector systems: a robust, lightweight and safe product! It is fitted directly at the extremity on the splice and does not require whipping: its shape enables self-holding. You can, however, attach a safety cord thanks to its perforated extremities.

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The Tylaska Dogbone prevents slipping thanks to its conical shape and its grooved grip texture. Made of anodised aluminium.

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RefA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)ø (mm) CordageCharge de travailCharge de rupture
DB1039.99.97.16950 kg1 900 kg
DB124811.98.671 400 kg2 800 kg
DB1455.91410.781 900 kg3 800 kg
DB166415.711.9102 500 kg5 000 kg
DB1871.917.812.7123 200 kg6 400 kg

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DB10, DB12, DB14, DB16, DB18

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