Ino-Block 18 with becket


The Ino-Block 18 with becket can bear a working load up to 6 tons.

Breaking load of 18 tons.

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Ino-Block 18 with becket

The Ino-Block 18 provides an excellent weight/resistance ratio with a working load of 6 tons for only 410 grams! Ino-Blocks are ideal for cascade system mounting. The becket version enables you to set light and powerful 3-strand block and tackles (backstays, babystays, downhauls…etc. ). The supple shells provide reliability and longevity (resistance to shocks) and protect the boat deck.

The Ino-Block with becket is a block with a textile axle that benefits from TAT technology (Textile Axle Technology). This new patented technology is the result of two years of research and development based on the use of high-performance modern fibres and lightweight materials (plastic, aluminium) with low friction properties.

Advantages of the Ino-Block:
  • Reliable, compact and lightweight compared to a standard block with a more fragile axle
  • No corrosive components
  • Easy maintenance, just rinse with freshwater
  • The higher the load, the better the performance of the block
  • Spare parts (replacement side plates)
  • Safety: lightweight with plastic cheeks (significant decrease in the risk of injury in the event of impact)
  • 100% made in France


As the first product designed by Ino-Rope, the Ino-Block is a block with textile axle
produced in series, based on an innovative patented concept. Extremely simple (5 parts) and efficient (low friction), the Ino-Block is lighter than all the other traditional blocks on the market thanks to its textile technology. It is also more reliable (highly resistant Dyneema® axle) and its materials were selected to last longer (no ball bearing or metallic parts inside).

Today, thanks to the rationalisation of production, we are able to create and manufacture a large volume of high quality products that combine lightness, strength and reliability, at the best price! All handmade in France by our team of nimble-fingered Korrigan-ropeworkers. Don’t wait to enjoy it!

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Also available without becket.
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