Multi-purpose rope, small diameter, Vectran® core and polyester cover

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vectran-logoA UD 100% Vectran core with no elongation under load, nor elastic effect when subjected to load. A very stiff cord for fine, reactive settings or remote control of cleats or sail hooks, with a thin but very tight cover for resistance to intense abrasion.Construction: cover: 16-plait Polyester braid Over-heating and abrasion resistant /core: 12-plait mono-directional Vectran: maximum resistance without elongation caused by stretching on a braid


The Atlantis line with its unidirectional (non-braided) Vectran® core is protected by a very colourful cover! The Vectran cord by Corderie Lancelin has minimal elongation for

maximal reactivity during settings.

We recommend the Atlantis rope for the Constrictor clutch control lines. The Atlantis can be used to make excellent halyards or fine cords for block and tackles on sailing dingies or sport catamarans.


  • Low elongation at break
  • Very good heat resistance
  • No creep under tensile strength

Technical specifications:

  • Cover: 16-plait continuous polyester braid
  • Core: Vectran® 12-plait braid


ø (mm)Charge de rupture (kg)

Additional information

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Ø mm

3, 4


Green, Yellow, Red, blue

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