Spliced scrap line for intensive use (race, regatta…), ultra-resistant cover | Dyneema® (Red ø 6 mm and 4.6 metres)


This rope provides ; 

  • Ultra-fine settings: thanks to its stabilised core (heat pre-stretched) which makes your control line perfectly resistant to elongation.
  • A cover with high resistance to extreme conditions on winches and rigging
  • Excellent holding in cleats

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Lancelin provides the Heolia rope, the most resistant rope available on the market: An indestructible cover made of Dyneema®, Technora® and Polyester, that protects the 12-plait heat-stretched Dyneema SK78 coated core for minimal elongation.

DiamètreCharge de rupture - Âme RSK78Charge de rupture - Âme RSK99
6 mm2 300 kg3 050 kg
8 mm3 750 kg4 750 kg
10 mm6 900 kg-
12 mm9 000 kg-