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Stick-on padeyes

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  • Photo of an Ino-Padeye 8 in the deck fittings category by Ino-Rope

    Ino-Padeye Padeye Chainplate | Aluminium

    A partir de 100,00 
  • Padeye à coller rond 35 mm en carbone Ino-Rope, Ultra léger

    Ino Padeye to stick-on, 35 mm, carbon

  • Padeye à coller 55 mm en Carbone - Ultra léger - Boutique Ino-Rope

    Ino Padeye stick-on, 55 mm, carbon

    29,90  TTC
  • - 15% Ino Padeye à coller 35mm Fibre de verre

    Stick-on Ino Padeye, fibreglass, 35 mm

    A partir de 17,90 
  • Padeye glue-on 55mm made of fibreglass - Ino-Rope Online shop

    Ino Padeye to glue, fibre glass, 55 mm

    29,90  TTC
  • Rounded shape 35 mm Padeye to glue-on, made of fiberglass - Ino-Rope shop

    Fibreglass stick-on Ino Padeye, 35 mm I Pack of 5, 10 or 15 pieces

  • Padeye to stick-on

    Pack of carbon round Ino Padeyes to glue

You can find our stick-on padeyes in our selection: carbon or fiber glass soft shackles of different diametres.