Solid low friction ring

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The Antal solid low friction ring is designed for various applications. For example, you can use it for a 3D system or textile connectors.

This solid low friction ring is made up of a “mirror” polished anodised aluminium body, for minimum friction.


Solid low friction ring

The Antal solid low-friction ring is eespecially designed for multiple control line systems (such as the genoa 3D clew setting for example) and textile connectors.

Compared to standard low-friction rings, the solid ring is thinner and its inner eye is larger while offering the same heavy working loads. The small outer groove allows a line to be attached in order to prevent impact on the deck.

References: R30.56, R34.64, R40.76, R50.94


Photo specs solid low friction rings

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R30.56, R34.64, R40.76, R50.94

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