VMG low friction ring to screw on

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Robust, lightweight and efficient, the screw-on low friction ring by VMG Yacht Design was designed to be directly embedded in laminated hulls, bulkhead and decks. Chainplate, fairlead or padeye, its uses are diverse.


VMG low friction ring to screw-on

The VMG Yacht Design screw-on friction ring was designed to be embedded to laminated hulls, bulkheads or decks.

  • Used like a chainplate, it serves as a fixing point for the lashing of textile rigging.
  • Integrated to the roof, it can also be used as a through-deck fairlead: a smart solution that enables control lines to be hidden under the deck.
  • Combined to a , the VMG Yacht Design friction ring turns into a padeye (fastener for mast-foot blocks, stacking lines, friction rings, etc. ).

VMG Yacht Design developed these screw-on rings to let the rope pass through the deck and bulkheads with minimal loss due to friction. Thanks to this through-deck fairlead for ropes from 4 to 18 mm, it is now possible to diverge the control lines.These fairleads can be used under high load if they are fitted with a carbon or fibreglass counterplate.

RefDiamètre cordage
Épaisseur composite
Diamètre perçage (mm)Diamètre intérieur
Diamètre extérieur (mm)Poids (gr)

Made in Switzerland in partnership with VMG Yacht Designin black hard anodising aluminium.
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V4, V8, V10

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