Tylaska T8 snap shackle


The Tylaska T8! One of the most robust snap shackles on the market, made in the USA, ideal for halyards and sheets. Breaking load: 3,636 kg, impressive!


The Tylaska T8 snap shackle has a high breaking load (3,636 kg) for its weight and its size. The favourite snap shackle of the Figaro Class due to its easy opening under load with only one hand!
To mount directly on the eye splice, with a cow hitch knot or a lashing on the eye splice of your halyards or sheets if you want it to remain removable.The Tylaska T5 is available in two versions: standard bail (SB) and large bail (LB). The large bail of the Tylaska T8 enables two sheets or one sheet and a guy to be fitted. Clever!Forged stainless steel, swivelled eye.

Tylaska T8 snap shackle

RéfA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)Poids (gr)Charge de travail (kg)Charge de rupture (kg)
T8 SB17.516.715.116.787.3971 8183 636
T8 LB17.516.724.625.492.11161 8183 636


Additional information

Weight N/A

Standard (SB), Large (LB)

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