Ready-to-use mooring line with stainless steel thimble – 3-strand Polyamide

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Custom made mooring line made in our workshop in Concarneau

  • 3-strand polyester rope
  • 3-strand eye splice
  • Stainless stell thimble

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A ready-to-use dock line ideal for motorboats and sailboats.

Compared to polyester, the dockline polyamide a un elongation at break significantly more significant (15 to 20%). Its high elasticity makes it particularly suitable for docking, as its fibres protect the cleats by absorbing shocks.

Seea our file about docklines by clicking here..!

  • Various length and diameter available
  • 3-strand splice with stainless steel thimble
  • Good resistance tiabrasion :
  • Good abrasion and UV resistance. UV
  • Good abrasion and UV resistance.
  • Polymerisation provides better strand stabilisation, greater rope flexibility and facilitates the splicing process.
  • Good elasticity
  • Cost saving
  • Easy to splice

If you want to show off in front of your friends, use the word “polyamide” to speak about this plastic material that is a hit on the textile market. If that was a flop because your friends already knew that polyamide was mostly known by its trade name Nylon ®, you can save face by specifying that the word corresponds to the abbreviations of New Yorkand London, the two factories of the American company Du Pont de Nemours that discovered the fibre in the mid-thirtiesfibre which are then braided.


10 mm1 850 kg66 g/m
12 mm2 500 kg81 g/m
14 mm3 300 kg117 g/m
16 mm4 200 kg168 g/m


Additional information

Diameter and length

12 mm – 5 m, 14 mm – 5 m, 16 mm – 5 m, 18 mm – 5 m