Set of 3 long eye needles


Splicing needles, also called “long eye needles”, are used to make splices on

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Set of 3 long eye needles

Ino-Rope’s long-eye splicing needles are equipped with a Dyneema® loop which can be connected to a fixed point when making your splice. Therefore, the needle is suitable for ropeworkers who prefer to block the splicing needle and then to pull on the rope in order to feed their splice through. Our kit includes two needles with optimised sizes to suit many different types of splices. Need a helping hand to get started or to perfect your skills? Click here to watch our ropework tutorial.

  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic
  • Its optimised dimensions to fit a maximum type of different splices.

Specifications and application:

  • 1 x 18 cm needle for braids from ø 1.5 mm to ø 4 mm 
Application: small textile connectors, loops, splices on small diameter ropes
  • 1 needle, 26 cm long, for braids from ø3mm to ø6mm up to ø10 mm for supple braids (covers)
    Application: small and medium splices, loops, textile connectors
  • 1 needle, 45 cm long, for braids from ø 5mm (long splices and large diameters)


Along eye splicing needle is a metal rod that is quite stiff, folded in two (forming a long eye) and ending with a handle. It works in the opposite manner of a hollow needle. The splice is realised by pulling the needle and not by pushing it.

Furthermore, the core is passed through the eye (like a thread passed through the eye of a Any questions? See our file on splicing needles.



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