Rope for dockline – Flat 100% recycled Polyester braid

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A dockline made ofrecycled polyester praid, flat and therefore less cumbersome. Light to throw and also to coil, it dries very quickly which make it the favourite dockline of regatta sailors and of those who appreciate its ideal shock absorption.

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The ropemaker Cousin Trestec has developed a 100% recycled polyester version of the famous Flatline,This rope is made from recycled HTPET scrap and has similar technical characteristics to conventional polyester.

This rope is a flat single braid polyester rope. UV and chafe resistant, polyester is ideal for dock lines, with the advantage of being lightweight, flat and non-cumbersome. They will be easy to stow in your lockers, protected from humidity, during navigation.The most important quality of polyester is its lifespan: High resistance to UVs, as well as to ragage. This characteristic makes it the fibre which are then braided: nearly all the covers on the market are either made of or contain polyester. Excellent value for money.

A good mooring line is a resistant one, but it must also have an high elongation at break. The elasticity of your mooring line will absorb the jerks caused by the waves and preserve your cleats.The perfect docklines for perfectionists who are seeking to save space and weight.

  • Good shock-absorption
  • Lightweight and non cumbersome
  • High flexibility
  • Good resistance
  • Easy to splice
  • Dries very quickly
  • easy to coil and to stow

An ideal rope for use as a dock line, anchor line or as protective sleeve.

Technical specifications:
  • Made of 24 hight tenacity polyester braided plaits
  • Colour ecru
How to choose the length of my docklines:

We advise you to have at least 4 docklines on board your boat

  • Bow and stern lines: 2 lines of the length of your boat
  • Spring lines: 2 lines of the length of your boat (x 1.5>

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