Ino-Block 15 with becket


The Ino-Block 15 can bear a working load of 5 tons. Breaking load of 15 tons.

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Ino-Block 15 with becket

The Ino-Block with becket is a block with a textile axle which benefits from TAT technology (Textile Axle Technology). This new patented technology is the result of two years of research and development based on the use of high-performance modern fibres and lightweight materials (plastic, aluminium) with low friction properties.

The Ino-Block 15 can bear a working load of 5 tons. Breaking load of 15 tons.

Its featherweight lightness and its plastic shell considerably reduce wear of your deck as well as risk of injury when the sails are flapping.

Advantages of the Ino-Block:
  • Reliable, compact and lightweight compared to a standard block with a more fragile axle
  • No corrosive components
  • Easy maintenance, just rinse with freshwater
  • The higher the load, the better the performance of the block
  • Spare parts (replacement side plates)
  • Safety: lightweight with plastic cheeks (significant decrease in the risk of injury in the event of impact)
  • 100% made in France


As the first product designed by Ino-Rope, the Ino-Block is a block with textile axle
produced in series, based on an innovative patented concept. Extremely simple (5 parts) and efficient (low friction), the Ino-Block is lighter than all the other traditional blocks on the market thanks to its textile technology. It is also more reliable (highly resistant Dyneema® axle) and its materials were selected to last longer (no ball bearing or metallic parts inside).

Today, thanks to the rationalisation of production, we are able to create and manufacture a large volume of high quality products that combine lightness, strength and reliability, at the best price! All handmade in France by our team of nimble-fingered Korrigan-ropeworkers. Don’t wait to enjoy it!

The figures speak for themselves:


Available with or without becket.

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