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LED mast light with an exceptional range rage up to 8 miles! Unpaired luminosity, weight, power consumption ratio!

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Other than being very bright (visible up to 8 miles), the TS Lite mast light has a low power consumption. A real asset for offshore cruising or racing where reducing power consumption is crucial. Another major advantage of the LED’s low power consumption: it is possible to use electric cables of a smaller diameter. This solution enables the TS Lite to be extremely lightweight: 30 g versus 100 to 150 g for other navigation light models on the market! An essential factor when, like many sailors, one needs to reduce weight at the top of the mast!Made in Brittany by Lucas Montagne.
Colour of the beam: white
Power consumption: 160 mA on a 12 V circuit
Weight: 30 grams
Regulator power supply: 9-32 V

The navigation light is glued on the front of the mast, the wire is fed through the bottom of the mast toward the aft. The streaks at the top of the light enable you to adjust the alignment. The light is supplied with a power regulator to place in the electric switchboard, or close to the mast step connections.Caution! Risk of damage if the navigation light is mounted on the boat power-circuit without a regulator!