Constrictor | textile clutch replacement kit

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Your textile clutch replacement kit contains:- A spare sleeve
– A trigger cord or “remote control”
– A shock cord

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Has your textile clutch had a hard life? Replace its sleeve to give it a longer lifespan, as you would change the jaws of your cam cleat!Advantages:

  • Non-aggressive constriction blocking system that preserves the performance and lifespan of your ropes
  • Easy, efficient and safe release
  • Lighter and stronger than a standard clutch
  • The more tension there is, the more effective the blocking is.

Ino-Rope’s tip:the clutch base plates are the identical for 6 to 10 mm and 12 to 14 mm sizes, so you can interchange the sleeve sizes. (For example: replacement of the existing 10 mm sleeve with an 8 mm sleeve)

Your Constrictor textile clutch replacement kit comprises:

  • A spare sleeve
  • The trigger cord or “remote control’
  • A shock cord


Taille du bloqueurCharge max / Taille de cordagePoids totalLongueur de gaine
Constrictor N°6450 daN / Ø 5 mm
750 daN / Ø 6 mm
155 g55 cm
Constrictor N°8700 daN / Ø 6 mm
1150 daN / Ø 8 mm
160 g60 cm
Constrictor N°101200 daN / Ø 8 mm
2200 daN / Ø 10 mm
165 g60 cm
Constrictor N°121500 daN / Ø 10 mm
2800 daN / Ø 12 mm
335 g75 cm
Constrictor N°141800 daN / Ø 12 mm
3700 daN / Ø 14 mm
345 g75 cm

Additional information

Weight N/A
Ø (mm)

6, 8, 10, 12, 14

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