Set of training ropes | Ropework


Would you like to practise splicing without damaging your own ropes?Here is the ideal set of ropes to practise without damaging your own ropes.

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Set of training ropes | Ropework

At Ino-Rope, we like to enhance all the materials used in our workshop. That is why we suggest this set including ropes from the end of reels that are not long enough to make a full control line.Application:
Alongsideour tutorials, this is the ideal set to train to the different ropework techniques. Some tools may be necessary to apply certain techniques; refer to the list of products mentioned in the tutorial.Characteristics:

  • Colours and diameters depend on available stock
  • Diameters: between 6 – 12 mm
  • Materials: Polyester, Dyneema/Polypropylene double braid,Dyneema with polyester cover
  • 3 pieces, approximately 15 metres full length

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Weight 1000 g